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Property Detail
  Heilig Levine (c. 1870)  
131-137 S. Wilmington Street
111-117 E. Hargett Street

Heilig Levine, comprised of two adjoining brick buildings, occupies the northeast corner of Wilmington and Hargett streets. Although quite unpretentious in appearance, they represent the early commercial building style found in Raleigh’s business district. Designated as a Raleigh Historic Property, Heilig Levine is among the few intact late 19th and early 20th century structures of the downtown area that have not been altered beyond recognition and that also maintain an active and useful function.

The older portion is a three-story, Italiente building with tall arched windows and a heavy bracketed cornice typical of the style. The pedestrian level originally featured a cutaway corner entrance, but has been altered to accommodate modern commercial use. In 1903 a two-story brick structure was attached to the north side. It was designed to house three enterprises, as seen in the tri-partite division of the facade.

The Italiente building has housed many establishments since its completion around 1870. Two hotels, a furniture store, and a grocery store occupied the building before W. A. Heilig and Albert L. Levine opened a furniture business in the space in 1936.


Heilig Levine includes the following properties:

131-135 S. Wilmington Street
137 S. Wilmington Street
111 E. Harget Street
115-117 E. Hargett Street

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